PARAMETERS TYPE NOTES   AdvisorContactPerson Numeric As per CONTACT_PERSON_MANAGE   AdvisorContactPersonText Text (50)     AllowSourceToSee Text (1) Y/N   AllowSourceToSeeOrderActions Text (1) Y/N   AllowSourceToSeePolicyActions Text (1) Y/N   AllowSourceToSeeProjectActions Text (1) Y/N   Amount Numeric     Area Numeric     AreaText Text (50)     BusinessName Text (100)     Description […]

The process

The sales process can often times be confusing and stressful. Working with an experienced agent can make the entire process run smoothly. Below is the sales process broken down into steps. Find a Realtor Interview a few different listing agents. If you don’t personally know a Realtor ask friends, family and neighbors for referrals. Chances […]

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