Best Liver Transplant Centre in Indian Brought Fresh Lease of Life for Liver Patients

Expert and dedicated doctors are the core need of the hour. Especially if we talk about liver problem and its treatment, it demands a huge cost and high risk to the life of the patient. This directly means that everyone looks up to an experienced and successful liver transplant surgeon whom patient and his family would rely up on. India is lucky enough to have one in the millions liver transplant specialist in Delhi. Dr. AS Soin is one of the world’s renowned liver transplant surgeons. He is known in round the globe for pioneering and setting up liver transplantation from 1998 in India. This was the time when he did India’s first successful liver transplant. Now he leads one of the world’s triumphant and largest liver transplant curriculums at Medanta.

Out of a number of more than 2500 transplant cases under belt, Dr. Soin and his team has successfully performed over 2000 liver transplants in India. Recently they have performed 30 transplant cases in a month with a success rate of 95%. He gets recommendations from all over Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Far East, and has brilliantly transplanted over 500 patients from such countries. Moreover, he has done over 12000 further complex liver, bile duct and gall bladder surgeries in his career span of 27 years so far.

Dr. Soin heads India’s best liver transplant centre that aims to bring expert advice and medical advancement at the doorsteps of those who want to safeguard their liver from ailments. It is also dedicated to give a new hope of life through liver transplant to those who are suffering from diseases like liver cancer, hepatitis, acute liver failure or liver cirrhosis. Liver Transplant wish to ensure a ray of hope to all those who are fighting with terminal liver syndrome by updating them that at a fraction of the expense abroad, Dr. AS Soin is successfully performing liver transplants on regular basis at his centre in Delhi, with an outcome matching the best throughout the world. Chairman at the world’s leading liver transplant institute in Medanta- The Medicity at Gurgaon in Delhi, he is doing an excellent job in his respective field both by performing transplants surgeries and by guiding the budding liver transplant surgeons, through his workshops and lectures.

They acknowledge the selflessness and utter generosity of their past and potential liver donors for saving their loved ones and wish to assist them by counseling and medical guidance. Now all the patients with serious liver diseases can take a breath of relief as they have got a wonderful option that can cure their disease with utmost dedication and expertise.

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