Possibility Of Prostate Cancer Survival By Changing Lifestyle

Prostate cancer survival rate has increased due to the constant research going on to find cures and preventive measures for prostate cancer. However, a patient can live longer by other methods. These methods refer to prognosis, which is possible even at the metastatic state. Even changing the lifestyle that is food habits and inculcating exercise as a part of daily routine.

Discovery of prostate cancer vaccination has added to the chances of prostate cancer survival because the vaccine not only curbs the recurrence of the disease but also has the efficiency of breaking down the tumor, which leads to complete relief from the disease. Besides these, the other factors that affect the patient’s life span are family history and lifestyle of the patient.

Besides, these two factors the other important factors that affects the life span of a patient after contacting the disease is, diet, ethnicity, obesity, and the stage at which the detection of the disease has taken place. Mostly you will find that patients whose cancerous cells have not penetrated beyond the prostate have higher chances of survival.

Therefore, if you want to increase your life span after contacting the disease and undergoing treatment, you have to bring some changes in your lifestyle. You have to change your eating habits and impose few restrictions as advised by your doctor. Moreover, you have to maintain your regular schedule of check ups to restrict the recurrence of the disease.

However, not all these positive effects sometimes work with many of the patients who develop depression due to the effect of this disease on their sexual efficiency. The patient not only suffers from the pain and problems related to the disease but also bear the pangs of prostate cancer impotence, which sets in after the treatment of the disease.

Although, the temporary or permanent phase of prostate cancer impotence depends on the type of treatment adopted by your doctor for treating but mostly observation shows that a patient undergoes a temporary phase of erectile dysfunction during the course of the treatment. However, this phase may or may not continue after the completion of the treatment.

Besides surgery, radiation therapy and hormonal therapy can also cause prostate cancer impotence. However, the level of erectile dysfunction is higher in radiation therapy and this problem can last for a longer time in this mode of treatment, but in hormonal therapy, the period of erectile dysfunction is lesser.

Therefore, if any person is suffering from prostate cancer should not lose hope as proper treatment, change in lifestyle and implementation of restrictions will surely help you to overcome the problem. Moreover, the growth rate of this disease is very slow, which is another factor that helps in increasing prostate cancer survival rate.

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