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Shannon is a gift from heaven and our time together is always happy and healing. She brings with her an experience of relaxation and rejuvenation, beyond any other massage I have ever had.

  • Andrea Parker-Birnbaum
  • Actress
  • Hollywood, CA

    As an administrative officer in a small office, i am constantly under stress-filled moments, days, weeks. I look forward to my massage time with Shannon because she knows how to relieve the aches and pains that the moments, days, weeks create. It is a treasured time as Shannon works her magic, helping me to relax and calm the world around me. Shannon is a skilled professional who reminds me to take the time to take care of me, after I’ve taken care of everyone around me.

    • Jan Kirk
    • Administrative Officer
    • Thousand Oaks, CA

    What can I say about Shannon? When I have pain she magically makes it go away. She seems to always find the very specific points where I desperately need relief. She is incredibly detailed and thorough, getting to every nook and cranny. Shannon has the rare gift of intuitively responding to the very subtle messages and needs my body communicates. She is incredibly loving, professional and very present. I’m grateful to have had the privilege to work with many highly skilled bodyworkers. Shannon tops them all. I love her choice of music, sense of humor and her grey matter in general.

    • Ada Janklowski
    • Owner of Ada’s Basic Training
    • Encino, CA

    I sit in a chair for 12 hours a day, working on computers. After just a 6-series set of massages with Shannon the chronic pain in my back, shoulders and neck had subsided. No one has to live with chronic muscle pain.   I believe this now and my every day is better for it. Shannon will talk to you about how your body feels and use the style of massage most appropriate for the results she knows you’ll get.  She’s genuinely interested in making you feel better. I now get a massage with her every two weeks. It is part of maintaining my health. Shannon is a smart lady and you would be smart to get regular massage with her.

    • Jena Plourde
    • Post Production; Melrose Place, CSI
    • Hollywood, CA

    Shannon has been massaging me for a few years now. She came highly recommended to me from a very discerning friend, and now I refuse to be massaged by anyone else! Shannon’s massage always feels wonderful, and if there’s a problem anywhere (such as a muscle issue or tension knot, etc.), she will sense it, go to it, and is extremely effective in fixing issues without it being excruciating. She fixed my strained glute in one session! I am also now 9 months pregnant, and have been having prenatal massages from Shannon a few times every trimester and she is so knowledgeable about pregnancy and the human body that I always felt safe, comfortable despite my large belly, and could manage my ever-changing center of gravity much better after a session with her. Anyone would benefit from her knowledge of the human body and skill. You will really enjoy the process.

    • Kimberly Barros
    • Production Designer
    • Mother of One


    Therapeutic Massage by Appointment Only

    32123 Lindero Canyon Rd. #207, Westlake Village, CA 91361


    [email protected]


    How did you first start in PR? What’s your background?

    I did a degree at Leeds University in Psychology and Media and did a PR module
    as part of my media course. I really enjoyed it and so I pursued work placements
    in the area to get more of an idea of how PR works outside of a classroom. In my
    first year I worked at the Government News Network (GNN) this is a regional leg
    of the governments press office. We would represent each aspect of the
    government such as MOD, highways agency and English heritage. We did
    everything from the opening of motorways to unveiling of historical paintings. This
    was fun, but I wanted to move into music areas, so in my second year I worked at
    The Cockpit in Leeds. The Cockpit is one of the top live music venues in the
    country and was the voted the best by Steve Lamacq in 2001, so we had some
    great bands coming through. I worked promoting the club and acts performing to
    regional areas. I was also given a project to explore the possibility of the club
    opening early as a bar, this was great fun as I was able to go drinking at work to
    check out the competition! The Cockpit made me realise I really wanted to work in
    a music environment as it was such great fun, and everyone had fun whilst

    When I graduated from Uni I moved back home to get some money together and
    to plan where I would go to pursue a career, but luckily for me I found Quite Great
    at the end of my village! My Managing Director (Pete Bassett) lived locally and had
    set up an office in the village I live in as it has easy access to the M11. I started
    working here about a year ago, and it’s great fun. There’s only 7 of us and
    we all have a real laugh at work, and get to meet some great
    people and look after some excellent bands and artists.

    Describe a typical day.

    We all come in and check our emails and go through everything. Then we plan
    what we’re going to do throughout the day, sticking to a plan can be difficult as
    people call us and things pop up, but we try!
    We always have music
    playing in the office, either Radio 1 or one of our acts, so
    there’s always a great up beat atmosphere.
    We have our meetings
    on a Monday and Friday and all work together in these to help each other out. If
    anyone is struggling we all help. When we get good bits of press we all shout it
    out in the office so we can be applauded, it keeps a healthy rivalry amongst us!

    If you could swap places with one of your clients for a day, who would it be

    God I really don’t know! Perhaps a crazy film director/actor/writer we have called
    Alki David. Alki has his fingers in so many pies and he’s always jetting round the
    World meeting with famous people. It can’t be a bad life!

    What’s been your biggest perk on the job so far?

    Hmmm, I’m not sure. It’s great going to launch parties and meeting people and
    getting free drinks everywhere. I’m still trying to blag a trip abroad. Our PR
    manager, Louise, got to go a Greek Island last year to take journalists to the
    filming of a movie. That’s what I want! Although we have a party for a new MTV
    show coming up soon, that should be fun!

    What’s the hardest part of your job?

    It’s constant pressure. We produce reports for our clients every Friday so we have
    to get a substantial amount of press for each client each week, when you have 10
    clients that’s a lot of work.
    We also have constant deadlines, album
    and single releases and gigs, press has to run week prior and
    week of event so you have to get it done!

    We’re collecting info on the first album and single people bought. Would you
    like to share yours?

    God, I used to be a real teeny bopper! My first single was ‘Sure’ by Take That and
    my first album was The Backstreet Boys. I’m not ashamed about Take That, but
    there is no excuse for the Backstreet Boys!

    Movie quotes

    ” Movie quotes … “

    “He may be Jack to you son, but when you’ve known him as long
    as I have … (you can call him John.)”
    – Al Pacino, “Scent of a Woman” referring to the drink
    Jack Daniels

    “Hoooaaaahhh !”
    – Al Pacino, “Scent of a Woman”

    “You wanna be makin’ moves on the street, have no
    attatchments. Allow nothing to be in your life that you cannot walk out on in thirty
    seconds flat, if you spot the heat around the corner.”
    – Robert De Niro, “Heat”

    “I’m in the dark here.  You understand ?  I’m in
    the dark.”

    – Al Pacino, “Scent of a Woman”

    “Except that the Puppy, was a dog, but the industry my
    friends, that was a Revolution.”

    – Adam Sandler, “Billy Madison”

    “You’re the money and you don’t even know it !”
    – unknown, “Swingers”

    “Well I have a microphone and you don’t so you
    will listen to every damn word I have to say !!!”

    –  Adam Sandler, “The Wedding Singer”

    “Get busy living … or get busy dying.”
    – Morgan Freeman, “The Shawshank Redemption”

    “Back to school, back to school, to prove to
    daddy that I’m not a fool.  I got my lunch and my shoes tied tight.  I hope I
    don’t get in a fight.”
    – Adam Sandler, “Billy Madison”

    “It’s gonna make ya proud one day, I promise

    – Al Pacino, “Scent of a Woman”

    “People don’t drink the sand because they’re
    thirsty, they drink the sand because they don’t know the difference.”

    – Michael Douglas, “The American President”

    “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never
    know what you’re gonna get.”

    – Tom Hanks, “Forest Gump”

    “This is a time for serious people Bob, and
    your fifteen minutes are up.”

    – Michael Douglas, “The American President”

    “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all
    the world, she walks into mine.”

    – Humphrey Bogart, “Casablanca”

    “With all due respect, gentlemen, I believe
    this will be our finest hour.”

    – Ed Harris, “Apollo 13”

    “Houston, we have a problem.”
    – Tom Hanks, “Apollo 13”

    “Nobody drink the beer … the beer has gone
    bad !”

    – unknown, “Can’t Hardly Wait”

    “Tell him sorry, I had to go see about a

    – Matt Daemon, “Good Will Hunting”

    “A gold medal is a wonderful thing.  But
    if you’re not good enough without it, you’ll never be good enough with it.”

    – John Candy, “Cool Runnings”

    “If I was the man I was five years ago, I take
    a flame thrower to this place.”

    – Al Pacino, “Scent of a Woman”

    “Well, I’ve come to believe … that I got it
    in me to be somebody in this world.”

    – unknown, “October Sky”

    I can
    tell ya this, he won’t sell anybody out to buy his future, and that, my friends, is called
    integrity – that’s called courage – now that’s the stuff leaders should be made of.”
    – Al Pacino, “Scent of a Woman”

    Back to favorite quotes …

    or continue to my music quotes …

    Please email me if you think one of the
    quotes is inaccurate or it gives credit to the wrong person.

    Somanabolic scam – is kyle leon the real deal?

    People who are health conscious or physical trainers, especially athletes, it is very important for them to build stamina and endurance. By building stamina and endurance, a person can perform in tough conditions and improve the overall performance without getting tired and worn out.

    It is really amazing and surprising to see people participating in wrestling tournaments and in martial arts in the toughest conditions. It is very interesting to imagine the professionals who have well shaped bodies, which we normally see in television and advertisements.

    This is a well accepted fact that these professionals have achieved their goal by going through circuit training. This training is one of the most popular training methods used by the trainers and health conscious people.

    Circuit training not only improves the stamina and overall endurance but also makes the cardio-respiratory system stronger. Cardio-respiratory fitness involves developing your lungs and heart ready for long sessions of rigorous exercises without any stress or getting exhausted. The more you exercise, the more your heart and lungs get adapted to the new tough conditions.

    Circuit training works on the whole body and is considered to be the whole body exercise program and does not work on cardio-respiratory system alone. This exercise works on the body muscles and makes these muscles strong, but the results take some time, you cannot expect the results overnight. You have to be regular and consistent with this exercise to get the best results.

    The results cannot be expected by doing this exercise once or may be once in a week, it has to be done regularly till the body gets used to it and you become stronger. Circuit exercise not only helps you to lose fat, but makes you fit; slim and healthy and more over also keeps cardiac diseases at bay.

    There are number of circuits that you may use to get the best results; this can be either following the whole-body training program, timed body weight circuit training or whole body barbell or dumbbell circuit regimen. The best example of whole body training is to start with twelve push-ups first and without any gap you follow up with twelve chin-ups.

    This has to be followed by twelve squat jumps; this will help you to strengthen the calf and thigh muscles. After this you have hand-stand push-ups twelve times and finally twelve sit-ups and leg raises. Please remember all this is to be done in one go without taking any rest.

    The other way of doing circuit exercise would be to do all these exercises in time fixed manner; the objective is to complete all these exercises in the given time. You may fix two minutes for each exercise. There is a third method but that requires the trainee to have dumbbells or barbells as and when anybody goes through the circuit.

    The best results are achieved by doing two body weight and two hand-held weight circuits. This system will increase the muscle strength and make your muscles stronger. You may also make your exercise regimen tougher as compared to regular routine. This can be done by increasing the weight of dumbbells and barbells; this will help you to achieve your objective fast.

    This should be left to the individual to decide as which circuit exercise is quite suitable for him/her. Remember that a healthy body is the key to a healthy life.

    Somamancy body and energy work

    Will I keep my clothes on?

    above. If you come to me, for instance, in a state of grief or anxiety,
    I might suggest an oily, nourishing, slow, Swedish massage with perhaps
    some Reiki
    added as we work, to help you ground and feel safe again. For a session
    like that, I’d leave the room while you undressed, and of course you
    would be properly draped throughout the session. For another example, if
    you come to me with pain in the lower back, I might suggest a session
    starting with Vibrational work, with added Deep Tissue in the
    appropriate areas.

    Do you talk during the session?

    depends on the kind of work we’re doing. If you want any Deep Tissue or
    other bodywork to help with pain, expect to stay awake and aware and
    able to respond to questions and assist in your own session. Other types
    of sessions might require that we are both silent, depending on the
    intention we set for the session.

    What techniques or modalities do you commonly use?

    specialty, for relief of pain or patterns of contraction, is very
    specific Deep Tissue with a myofascial approach, combined with Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy. I also use Reiki, Swedish, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral, and Lymphatic techniques as required, or whole sessions of these modalities if that’s indicated. I never
    do Deep Tissue on the whole body in a single session and I believe
    Vibrational energy work to be far more efficacious than anything else.

    What is Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy?

    bodies can seem to us like a solid, mechanical collection of stacked parts, subject to change only by
    invasive procedures or hard pressure, and needing to be “fixed”. Vibrational Healing Massage
    Therapy approaches the body as it really is, fully integrated with its
    electromagnetic field,
    entirely fluid and constantly mutable, and waiting only
    for awareness to tip it back into its natural state of balance.

    are 4 levels of VHMT and I am certified at the 4th level. On
    the more physical levels VHMT involves compressions, stretches, rocking
    rotations designed to open joints, to restore fluidity to
    the entire volume of the body, to free energy and range of motion.

    On the energetic level, VHMT involves working with the
    chakras and the auric field
    to allow awareness and freedom to return to various aspects of our
    lives, so as to free ourselves of emotional blocks. These aspects of our lives correspond to
    the energy vortexes known as “chakras” and blocks in our lives often are
    felt as contractions in the muscles of the body as well. The client’s
    awareness that she is herself responsible for having “checked out” of a
    part of her body is the first step.

    I am trained to guide and to ask the
    questions that can spark memories of blocks and ancient scars. I can
    see some of what is happening in the aura. I encourage the client to
    feel the blockages, along with the emotions and thoughts that started
    them, and to realize she has the power to change them if she wants. I
    use my hands above the body and also the vibration of sound to work with
    the chakras, assisting and guiding the release.

    done with clothes on, though it can also be integrated with other
    modalities as well. I experience it as an intuitive
    dance with the client. I always start by exploring the physical level to
    locate blocks and contractions. Then, with the clients permission, we
    explore further, guiding and questioning, based on the area of the body, what its chakra represents, and the emotions that may
    be blocking it.

    At the end of even a “purely physical” session, many
    clients have
    told me they experience a feeling like they do when they’ve done
    yoga. The energy work can be nothing short of transformational. This work was developed by Patricia
    Cramer, the founder of The World School of Massage.

    What Is The Difference Between Deep Tissue and Firm Pressure?

    Tissue is a modality, or way of working, involving specific techniques
    that enable me to reach the deeper layers of fascia and muscle. It is
    not designed to be soothing or relaxing, but to release contractions and
    adhesions and restore fluidity to layers of muscles deeper in the body.
    Tissue is meant to be used on specific areas and takes time, in order
    to warm the area sufficiently so I can sink  through the superficial
    layers to the deeper layers.  The client has to be awake in order to
    give feedback and to breathe through the intense stretches.
    If done in this way, it does not have to be painful at all.

    Firm pressure means I press a little harder, which some clients do find comforting. Firm
    pressure does not require the client to be awake and is used for
    purposes of relaxation, freeing of the lymph, restoring circulation and
    releasing the more superficial muscles and fascia.