You came here wanting something more or different. A discussion on failure was probably not what you expected. I am not like most of people out there helping (assisting) people in various capacities. I work best with people when they realize that it is not about our respective ego’s (thank you Sigmund) it is really just about me assisting people in accessing their own brilliance. The road to that is never the same but, it is always interesting.

The reasons for “failure” vary but, the need is similar. They indicate that someone is trying something yet failing (hmmm) to attain some specific outcome.  One of the ways to a new way is to recognize and learn from our current life and/or past. Failure is a friend to all however, he/she is rarely welcomed and recognized for the ally potential that she can be. In order to get something (your noun here) you need to take a deep breath and welcome your past and present for what it is; a conglomeration of experiences which may or may not have brought you the life you desire. Then you must pan for gold and look for the learnings and meanings which you can use as valuable allies in the pursuit and attainment of more in your life. I could add a lot of various psychological psycho babel here, but that would just get us off of the target; you getting more of what you want.

So that we can move onto you let’s talk a bit about me so that you can choose to either make more progress in your life or look up something or someone else. Time is our most precious resource so let us make the most of it.

Me I have helped a broad cross-section of people from university professors to single mother’s to overcome their own limitations and frustrations to realize a better way for them. This is not about me, it is about focusing on the strategies and outcomes of the brave individuals who have attained their own goals.

Inherent within your awareness is both a conscious and subconscious mind. It is probably useful to recognize the analogy of an iceberg. Your conscious mind is the ten or so percent above water and your subconscious is the ninety percent under water. The trick here is to utilize a number of strategies and technologies that will get you align both. That is where my services come into play.

Make steady actions towards a goal, utilizing feedback (some say failure) and course correct until you get what you want. Once you have done it consciously once, you can then use that structure over and over again.

The greatest players in sports have the best coaches. Wayne Gretzky was probably the most dominant player ever in the sport of hockey.  His greatest years were spent playing under coach Glen Sather. Coach Sather, pushed Gretzky to super-human levels by understanding how to motivate him. In this case like all great achievements, coaching is the difference.

Success takes work and it will on both of our parts. don’t fool yourself.

So, if you want more, then let’s begin….



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