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Shannon is a gift from heaven and our time together is always happy and healing. She brings with her an experience of relaxation and rejuvenation, beyond any other massage I have ever had.

  • Andrea Parker-Birnbaum
  • Actress
  • Hollywood, CA

    As an administrative officer in a small office, i am constantly under stress-filled moments, days, weeks. I look forward to my massage time with Shannon because she knows how to relieve the aches and pains that the moments, days, weeks create. It is a treasured time as Shannon works her magic, helping me to relax and calm the world around me. Shannon is a skilled professional who reminds me to take the time to take care of me, after I’ve taken care of everyone around me.

    • Jan Kirk
    • Administrative Officer
    • Thousand Oaks, CA

    What can I say about Shannon? When I have pain she magically makes it go away. She seems to always find the very specific points where I desperately need relief. She is incredibly detailed and thorough, getting to every nook and cranny. Shannon has the rare gift of intuitively responding to the very subtle messages and needs my body communicates. She is incredibly loving, professional and very present. I’m grateful to have had the privilege to work with many highly skilled bodyworkers. Shannon tops them all. I love her choice of music, sense of humor and her grey matter in general.

    • Ada Janklowski
    • Owner of Ada’s Basic Training
    • Encino, CA

    I sit in a chair for 12 hours a day, working on computers. After just a 6-series set of massages with Shannon the chronic pain in my back, shoulders and neck had subsided. No one has to live with chronic muscle pain.   I believe this now and my every day is better for it. Shannon will talk to you about how your body feels and use the style of massage most appropriate for the results she knows you’ll get.  She’s genuinely interested in making you feel better. I now get a massage with her every two weeks. It is part of maintaining my health. Shannon is a smart lady and you would be smart to get regular massage with her.

    • Jena Plourde
    • Post Production; Melrose Place, CSI
    • Hollywood, CA

    Shannon has been massaging me for a few years now. She came highly recommended to me from a very discerning friend, and now I refuse to be massaged by anyone else! Shannon’s massage always feels wonderful, and if there’s a problem anywhere (such as a muscle issue or tension knot, etc.), she will sense it, go to it, and is extremely effective in fixing issues without it being excruciating. She fixed my strained glute in one session! I am also now 9 months pregnant, and have been having prenatal massages from Shannon a few times every trimester and she is so knowledgeable about pregnancy and the human body that I always felt safe, comfortable despite my large belly, and could manage my ever-changing center of gravity much better after a session with her. Anyone would benefit from her knowledge of the human body and skill. You will really enjoy the process.

    • Kimberly Barros
    • Production Designer
    • Mother of One


    Therapeutic Massage by Appointment Only

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