How did you first start in PR? What’s your background?

I did a degree at Leeds University in Psychology and Media and did a PR module
as part of my media course. I really enjoyed it and so I pursued work placements
in the area to get more of an idea of how PR works outside of a classroom. In my
first year I worked at the Government News Network (GNN) this is a regional leg
of the governments press office. We would represent each aspect of the
government such as MOD, highways agency and English heritage. We did
everything from the opening of motorways to unveiling of historical paintings. This
was fun, but I wanted to move into music areas, so in my second year I worked at
The Cockpit in Leeds. The Cockpit is one of the top live music venues in the
country and was the voted the best by Steve Lamacq in 2001, so we had some
great bands coming through. I worked promoting the club and acts performing to
regional areas. I was also given a project to explore the possibility of the club
opening early as a bar, this was great fun as I was able to go drinking at work to
check out the competition! The Cockpit made me realise I really wanted to work in
a music environment as it was such great fun, and everyone had fun whilst

When I graduated from Uni I moved back home to get some money together and
to plan where I would go to pursue a career, but luckily for me I found Quite Great
at the end of my village! My Managing Director (Pete Bassett) lived locally and had
set up an office in the village I live in as it has easy access to the M11. I started
working here about a year ago, and it’s great fun. There’s only 7 of us and
we all have a real laugh at work, and get to meet some great
people and look after some excellent bands and artists.

Describe a typical day.

We all come in and check our emails and go through everything. Then we plan
what we’re going to do throughout the day, sticking to a plan can be difficult as
people call us and things pop up, but we try!
We always have music
playing in the office, either Radio 1 or one of our acts, so
there’s always a great up beat atmosphere.
We have our meetings
on a Monday and Friday and all work together in these to help each other out. If
anyone is struggling we all help. When we get good bits of press we all shout it
out in the office so we can be applauded, it keeps a healthy rivalry amongst us!

If you could swap places with one of your clients for a day, who would it be

God I really don’t know! Perhaps a crazy film director/actor/writer we have called
Alki David. Alki has his fingers in so many pies and he’s always jetting round the
World meeting with famous people. It can’t be a bad life!

What’s been your biggest perk on the job so far?

Hmmm, I’m not sure. It’s great going to launch parties and meeting people and
getting free drinks everywhere. I’m still trying to blag a trip abroad. Our PR
manager, Louise, got to go a Greek Island last year to take journalists to the
filming of a movie. That’s what I want! Although we have a party for a new MTV
show coming up soon, that should be fun!

What’s the hardest part of your job?

It’s constant pressure. We produce reports for our clients every Friday so we have
to get a substantial amount of press for each client each week, when you have 10
clients that’s a lot of work.
We also have constant deadlines, album
and single releases and gigs, press has to run week prior and
week of event so you have to get it done!

We’re collecting info on the first album and single people bought. Would you
like to share yours?

God, I used to be a real teeny bopper! My first single was ‘Sure’ by Take That and
my first album was The Backstreet Boys. I’m not ashamed about Take That, but
there is no excuse for the Backstreet Boys!

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