Somanabolic scam – is kyle leon the real deal?

People who are health conscious or physical trainers, especially athletes, it is very important for them to build stamina and endurance. By building stamina and endurance, a person can perform in tough conditions and improve the overall performance without getting tired and worn out.

It is really amazing and surprising to see people participating in wrestling tournaments and in martial arts in the toughest conditions. It is very interesting to imagine the professionals who have well shaped bodies, which we normally see in television and advertisements.

This is a well accepted fact that these professionals have achieved their goal by going through circuit training. This training is one of the most popular training methods used by the trainers and health conscious people.

Circuit training not only improves the stamina and overall endurance but also makes the cardio-respiratory system stronger. Cardio-respiratory fitness involves developing your lungs and heart ready for long sessions of rigorous exercises without any stress or getting exhausted. The more you exercise, the more your heart and lungs get adapted to the new tough conditions.

Circuit training works on the whole body and is considered to be the whole body exercise program and does not work on cardio-respiratory system alone. This exercise works on the body muscles and makes these muscles strong, but the results take some time, you cannot expect the results overnight. You have to be regular and consistent with this exercise to get the best results.

The results cannot be expected by doing this exercise once or may be once in a week, it has to be done regularly till the body gets used to it and you become stronger. Circuit exercise not only helps you to lose fat, but makes you fit; slim and healthy and more over also keeps cardiac diseases at bay.

There are number of circuits that you may use to get the best results; this can be either following the whole-body training program, timed body weight circuit training or whole body barbell or dumbbell circuit regimen. The best example of whole body training is to start with twelve push-ups first and without any gap you follow up with twelve chin-ups.

This has to be followed by twelve squat jumps; this will help you to strengthen the calf and thigh muscles. After this you have hand-stand push-ups twelve times and finally twelve sit-ups and leg raises. Please remember all this is to be done in one go without taking any rest.

The other way of doing circuit exercise would be to do all these exercises in time fixed manner; the objective is to complete all these exercises in the given time. You may fix two minutes for each exercise. There is a third method but that requires the trainee to have dumbbells or barbells as and when anybody goes through the circuit.

The best results are achieved by doing two body weight and two hand-held weight circuits. This system will increase the muscle strength and make your muscles stronger. You may also make your exercise regimen tougher as compared to regular routine. This can be done by increasing the weight of dumbbells and barbells; this will help you to achieve your objective fast.

This should be left to the individual to decide as which circuit exercise is quite suitable for him/her. Remember that a healthy body is the key to a healthy life.

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