Somamancy body and energy work

Will I keep my clothes on?

above. If you come to me, for instance, in a state of grief or anxiety,
I might suggest an oily, nourishing, slow, Swedish massage with perhaps
some Reiki
added as we work, to help you ground and feel safe again. For a session
like that, I’d leave the room while you undressed, and of course you
would be properly draped throughout the session. For another example, if
you come to me with pain in the lower back, I might suggest a session
starting with Vibrational work, with added Deep Tissue in the
appropriate areas.

Do you talk during the session?

depends on the kind of work we’re doing. If you want any Deep Tissue or
other bodywork to help with pain, expect to stay awake and aware and
able to respond to questions and assist in your own session. Other types
of sessions might require that we are both silent, depending on the
intention we set for the session.

What techniques or modalities do you commonly use?

specialty, for relief of pain or patterns of contraction, is very
specific Deep Tissue with a myofascial approach, combined with Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy. I also use Reiki, Swedish, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral, and Lymphatic techniques as required, or whole sessions of these modalities if that’s indicated. I never
do Deep Tissue on the whole body in a single session and I believe
Vibrational energy work to be far more efficacious than anything else.

What is Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy?

bodies can seem to us like a solid, mechanical collection of stacked parts, subject to change only by
invasive procedures or hard pressure, and needing to be “fixed”. Vibrational Healing Massage
Therapy approaches the body as it really is, fully integrated with its
electromagnetic field,
entirely fluid and constantly mutable, and waiting only
for awareness to tip it back into its natural state of balance.

are 4 levels of VHMT and I am certified at the 4th level. On
the more physical levels VHMT involves compressions, stretches, rocking
rotations designed to open joints, to restore fluidity to
the entire volume of the body, to free energy and range of motion.

On the energetic level, VHMT involves working with the
chakras and the auric field
to allow awareness and freedom to return to various aspects of our
lives, so as to free ourselves of emotional blocks. These aspects of our lives correspond to
the energy vortexes known as “chakras” and blocks in our lives often are
felt as contractions in the muscles of the body as well. The client’s
awareness that she is herself responsible for having “checked out” of a
part of her body is the first step.

I am trained to guide and to ask the
questions that can spark memories of blocks and ancient scars. I can
see some of what is happening in the aura. I encourage the client to
feel the blockages, along with the emotions and thoughts that started
them, and to realize she has the power to change them if she wants. I
use my hands above the body and also the vibration of sound to work with
the chakras, assisting and guiding the release.

done with clothes on, though it can also be integrated with other
modalities as well. I experience it as an intuitive
dance with the client. I always start by exploring the physical level to
locate blocks and contractions. Then, with the clients permission, we
explore further, guiding and questioning, based on the area of the body, what its chakra represents, and the emotions that may
be blocking it.

At the end of even a “purely physical” session, many
clients have
told me they experience a feeling like they do when they’ve done
yoga. The energy work can be nothing short of transformational. This work was developed by Patricia
Cramer, the founder of The World School of Massage.

What Is The Difference Between Deep Tissue and Firm Pressure?

Tissue is a modality, or way of working, involving specific techniques
that enable me to reach the deeper layers of fascia and muscle. It is
not designed to be soothing or relaxing, but to release contractions and
adhesions and restore fluidity to layers of muscles deeper in the body.
Tissue is meant to be used on specific areas and takes time, in order
to warm the area sufficiently so I can sink  through the superficial
layers to the deeper layers.  The client has to be awake in order to
give feedback and to breathe through the intense stretches.
If done in this way, it does not have to be painful at all.

Firm pressure means I press a little harder, which some clients do find comforting. Firm
pressure does not require the client to be awake and is used for
purposes of relaxation, freeing of the lymph, restoring circulation and
releasing the more superficial muscles and fascia.

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