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For most men, to suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) means a huge blow to their manliness.  Basically, what is the point of being a man if you cannot use your manhood for sexual intercourse?  Normally, this male sexual condition does not really crosses their mind until it hits them.  Statistics indicates that one in five men will get to experience this sexual condition at some point in their lifetime.  This means that even if you do not have the condition today, there is actually a twenty percent chance that you will acquire it someday.

These days, this penile impotence condition is no longer such a big issue.  This is because highly effective ED drugs are now easily available at your local pharmacies as well as online.  The condition is still an embarrassing one to have, but thanks to ED treatment drugs, you can safely and easily satisfy your sexual urges as well as the sexual needs of your female partner.  ED treatment medications have been around since 1998 when Pfizer introduced their revolutionary drug, Viagra.  Fast forward 14 years later, a new and more highly engineered ED treatment drug is released under the name, Stendra, by the pharmaceutical company Vivus Inc.

The generic name and generic version of Stendra goes by the name avanafil.  Both branded and generic have basically the same overall effect, with hardly any noticeable differences to tell them apart.  This is why most people choose to buy avanafil, the generic alternative of this new ED drug, because it costs much less than the branded version.  Basically, if you buy avanafil, you are getting the same effect you want from the branded drug but at a much lesser cost.  In fact, you may be forgiven to think that there are actually more people that buy avanafil as compared to the branded version it has been copied from.

The entry of Stendra in the ED treatment drug market was initially met with criticisms because there are already three established big names in the industry – Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis.  However, slowly but surely, the sales for the newcomer ED drug have managed to gain momentum and has established a reputation of being part of the big four and no longer just the big three.  People who got to buy avanafil for the first time were very much happy and content with their experience.  These people soon buy avanafil as their ED treatment medication of choice because the drug is truly effective in treating erectile dysfunction.  Many people who went to buy avanafil just to try out this new drug have nearly all been converted into loyal avanafil users.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, then you should choose to buy avanafil as your ED treatment drug.  This is because if you buy avanafil to treat your ED issues, you will be able experience the many reasons why a lot of men with erectile issues have converted and switched into purely using avanafil in treating their erectile impairment.

Avanafil is now widely available.  You can buy avanafil at your local pharmacy and you can also buy avanafil from internet e-commerce websites.  Most people though buy avanafil online as it is more convenient.  There are actually many places where you can buy avanafil.  Of course, how you choose to buy avanafil will be mostly based on your convenience.  Regardless though of where you buy avanafil, what matters most is that you are able to buy avanafil and get a hold of this amazing ED treatment drug for treating your penile erection problem.

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