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Health Solutions Network is on the cutting edge of legally
compliant online pharmacies. As such, we take a strict ethical stance
against unsolicited email promotions. “Spam,” as it is known, is a marketing
technique used by those with a limited forward outlook. It ties our industry to
the likes of exploitative online pornographers, email scammers, and
PayPal account “phishers.” Among other factors, it blankets our industry with
an unfavorable public opinion, locking us out of huge markets, advertising
venues, and the list of legitimate healthcare options.

Therefore, it is in our best interest to discourage this behavior as forcefully
as possible. As stated in our

Terms and Conditions,
anyone caught spamming will immediately forfeit their account and any
commissions due. Anyone suspected of spamming, due to the appearance of
directly benefiting from a Spam campaign, will be suspended while the
matter is investigated.

Legitimate email advertising campaigns are acceptable. To be
considered legitimate, an email campaign has to comply with the following

  1. All email recipients must be previous customers. You will be required to show
    proof of this if an investigation is launched.
  2. All emails sent must have opt-out instructions and contact information for you
    or your company. Our customer service representatives do not have the tools or
    the time to keep your mailing list up to date and will report such calls or
    emails to the Affiliate Support department.
  3. Your system must have a demonstrable way to remove an email address upon
  4. Emails cannot advertise products or links to sites that carry products that are
    illegal to sell online in the US. For a list of acceptable products, see

    our product list. No product that appears on the

    FDA’s controlled substances schedule can be shipped within the US
    without a face to face consultation with a physician. Additionally, individual
    states may regulate certain non-controlled substances. We diligently maintain
    full legal compliance with these federal guidelines and to legislation within
    all 50 states.

Previous customers who are receiving promotional mailings from Health Solutions Network:
If you are a previous customer and would like to opt
out of all future mailings,

log in to your account and edit your settings.

To Report Spam: If you are here to report Spam you have
received or intercepted, or if you found our products on a site you suspect of
running a Spam advertising campaign, please email the following information to
our affiliate manager at
[email protected]

  1. A copy of the suspected Spam email.
  2. A link to the website suspected of benefiting from Spam email.
  3. Any other evidence that will help us determine the intent of one of our
    affiliates to profit through the illegal use of unsolicited email advertising
    or proof that their advertising campaign does not comply with any of the
    requirements laid out above.

Your report will be reviewed immediately to determine if an investigation is
warranted. If it is, the affiliate will be notified and their inbound links
will be forwarded to a suspension page until the matter is cleared up. We will
notify you of the outcome of our investigation.

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