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We at Lauderdale Veterinary Clinic,LLC offer many ways to keep you pet healthy. We offer and recommend puppy and kitten plans for your new pets.  We recommend wellness exams semi-annually for all your pets.

Dental care and cleaning is recommended annually for all adult pets.  We also explain and recommend home dental care for all pets.

Pet vaccinations are important for your pet’s health and in some cases your health as well, due to emergence of some zoonotic diseases.  Many vaccinations are done on an annual basis.  Rabies vaccination is state mandated in the state of Alabama.  However, in most cases you can choose one year or three year coverage.  We can explain what vaccinations are recommended for your specific pet and the time intervals between boosters.

We offer many types of surgeries: spay/neuter operations, dental extractions, ear surgery of various types, many types of soft tissue surgery, tumor removals, laceration repair, and many others depending on the need.

Our veterinarian, Dr. Lauderdale has many years of experience in many types of small animal medicine and surgery.  Over the years, she has seen and treated many common pet conditions, accidents, preformed many types of surgery, and answered many owner questions.

Please call us with any questions about any service we offer. 

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