Hand bags – part 3


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“I can take two carry-on luggage (bag of books and gym bag light) on a Greyhound bus?

I am traveling on a Greyhound bus … I wondering if you can take two carry-on luggage on the bus. I’ll have my laptop, among many other things in my bag of books and sports clothing in the bag. Am conscious policy of postponement, but I will put my backpack on my lap. And that was on the Greyhound Web site: “The laptops are considered” electronic products “and are prohibited as checked baggage, but can be brought on board one of two hand luggage as possible.” What do you think? Is this allowed? Thanks for your help! Supplementary question: I can take a bus from the city of New York 6 pm in Amherst, MA … I was reading some of the experiences Greyhound past in this site and am a little worried. Security is not … especially at 6 in the morning … through places like Hartford, in other cities economically depressed CT, Springfield?

I traveled by Greyhound with a soft hand luggage large … where I put my laptop … I got under my seat and watched like a hawk. Then I also had a big bag. I think he should go. Greyhound lost my luggage and found that … 2 months later. Now it is 2000 miles from where I am and it is my responsibility to understand how to get it! So … a word of warning … If you check your luggage …. check each time the bus stops for any reason, to make sure that does not work.

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