Ride height & axle position


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Ride Height & Axle Position

June 22, 2012

The Heidts instructions give a single reference point (hole in front spring shackle) for locating the cross member. I had also marked the spindle center line on the frame before removing the original suspension. The center of the cross member will line up with this spindle center line.

I checked my marks against the measurement given by Heidts and it was spot on.

Brian (The TinMan) took some time to stop by the shop, he had suggested I temporarily put the sheet metal back into position to visually check the location of the tire in reference to the wheel well. Brian also suggested I find two references when positioning the axle. That’s a lot of set-up when you just want to get a project done but anything worth doing is worth doing right.

It took me about 45 minutes to figure out the best way to get the sheet metal up and back onto the truck with out causing a bunch of damage. I was on my own but if you do something like this a couple helping hands are a good idea.

I ended up settling on a piece of 1 inch square tube with some wooden blocks between it and the sheet metal. I used my engine hoist and some hooks and webbing and lifted the sheet metal back on (see pics).

After getting the sheet metal on, the next task was to position the wheels and tires in the correct location.

I used a long piece of tubing between the two wheels to visualize the center line and positioned the wheels accordingly. I didn’t like the looks of the wheel in the fender opening so I decided to clamp the cross member in place and partially assemble it to verify if what I was seeing made sense.

Sure enough the original tire position looked too far forward in the opening. I wish I had a pic of the tire before dis-assembly but I don’t have one. I do seem to remember the tire sitting forward in the wheel opening and it bothering me.

Anyways I made the decision to move the center line back. The two pictures show the difference between the two locations. The picture where the spindle is centered in the opening is the original location while the picture with the spindle off center is the adjusted center line.

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