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Beekeeping is a commitment, like raising a child or maintaining a vehicle. This activity requires time, effort, and attention, just like any other pursuit. I spent days persuading my mother to approve of it. Without her support, I would not have been the beekeeper that I have always aspired to become.beehiveplans

My father was particularly enthusiastic about making bee hive plans. As none of us had any experience, we decided to seek consultation from an expert beekeeper. My uncle had a farm in the neighboring state with half a dozen hives covering a portion of barren land. The honey extracts that came out of the hive were sold to the local market. Someone had suggested commercializing the business and selling honey as a brand. I believe the suggestion came from a youngster who had no idea just how old school my uncle was. He absolutely scorned the corporate way of life and believed in simple pursuits, principles, and activities. In this case, he was the best person to seek advice from.

The process was more time consuming than I had considered it to be. The biggest task was setting up the hives. For starters, we agreed upon installing a single hive, observe the outcome of it, and then accordingly decide whether to install more hives or not. There were a couple of set ups to select from. Some designs were DIY, meant for those who wished to cut costs for building the structures and assembling them. Some others were managed ones with amazing storage and colony building mechanisms. One of the hives had wax coated in the interiors and its upper cases built to facilitate the scope of expanding the structure. My father also approved of it, agreeing to hire carpenters to design the same.

We got back soon as we had a lot of work to do. Firstly, we had to contact a supplier who provided raw materials to build the hive. Secondly, we needed uncle around to supervise the whole thing. He agreed to come down when the carpenters came about halfway into the installation. There were other arrangements to look into for instance, clearing the backyard, breaking down the wooden fence to extend the boundaries, arranging for isolated areas to fix the set ups, bringing in the bees and keeping them temporarily before moving them into permanent colonies, and so on. I had to rush with my assignments so that I could dedicate more time for this.

Thankfully, I had no major exams coming up, so I could spare more time to discover bee keeping and its multifarious aspects. My best source was the internet, which had a plethora of articles related to assembly, set up, and maintenance of the hives. I also read some articles based on extract honey and commercializing the venture. I could either sell the extracts to big brands, or open a private supplying business of my own. Of the two, the first option seemed to make sense. My future prospects then involved marketing my supplying services across B2B platforms. A couple of months later, I signed a contract with a very popular global brand for the same. Since then, I have been stably supplying honey for their processed products.

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