Under His WingsВ  …the ChronicleВ  …Renderings of the Heart

Abstract Expressionism like never before offered in a
series of illustrations … birthed from dreams,
revelation, and visions. Many of the pieces
a “behind the scenes” chronicle which interprets its
meanings  …
the Chronicles
bring the illustrations to life.

If they are available the READ CHRONICLE LINK will be

This art bears greater
meaning for Christians, but has appeal far beyond what
one would think.

The series transcends time, space, ethnic, and
cultural boundaries.
No matter where people are
spiritually, the series has a piece that will appeal
to everyone with a seeking heart.
Some pieces are
meant to provoke viewers to the depth of their
Others speak to lonely, bruised and
hurting hearts …the tears begin to flow and the healing

At first glance some are
seemingly innocent decorative pieces that would be a
great accent to your favorite wall. Yet if you will
ponder and meditate on it, it will speak volumes, which
is exactly why they are so powerfully evangelistic. Take
some time to see what you cannot see and hear the piece
speak what you cannot hear.


We are currently in the
process of expanding the Collection to include posters,
note cards, greeting cards, calendars and other mediums.
Presently the pieces as you see them now are available
with or without the scripture …in quality prints or on
canvas ….they are suitable for matting and framing. Or
you can place a custom order for complete packaging.

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