The medicine was discovered initially by Nicholas Terrett, Andrew Bell and David Brown who were the scientists from Pfizer. It was made available in the year 1988. The major and common case of solutio…”

Pfizer has settled a long-running legal dispute with Teva with a deal that will allow the Israeli company to launch a generic version of erectile dysfunction (ED) drug Viagra in the US in 2017….”

It is termed as a deadly issue which has involvement of varied risk levels during the consumption by 1 million women. With the spreading of issue, the Britain nation has been put on a warning note abo…”

Parenting is a crucial event in the life a woman. It is aboutchild-bearing on the part of a woman until such time the fetus maturesand is ready for delivery. However, in case of mistimed or unwanted o…”

Viagra Generic is a known solution to men who are struggling with erectile. It is an easy answer. It is a solution that enhances a persons penile erection by inhibiting the PDE5 enzyme and improvement…”

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