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Are You Overwhelmed? What Are You Seeing?

Unless you are trained in addictions it is very difficult to know the
truth and the facts. If you
grew up with an alcoholic, and addict, a dry drunk, a periodic drinker,
a binge drinker or a
“functional” alcoholic, you may be less able to see what is
real but be absolutely convinced
that you are the only one who sees the truth.
Where did you get your information? When was the first time you saw someone
drunk or
high? Think about it. Was it an extreme case? How do you know? Usually
when we notice
drunken or high behavior it is because it is very extreme. The person
has progressed to
the point where he or she is out of control. This happens over a period
of time and after
many experiences that have been extreme but not enough to be noticed.
The person still
can mask the behavior.
Now look at your experience. Most people drink or use a drug and have
a negative or benign
experience. A few go on to use socially (although drug use is rarely social)
and many
quit or do not want to return to the experience.
A few (one in ten or so) go on to use in a pattern which spirals downwards
to addiction and
ruination. This may occur quickly or slowly. The problem is very difficult
to assess at times.
When we see the negative behavior we think that this is normal addiction
and do not realize
that this is usually the “end stages” of the disease. Therefore,
we are misinformed. This can
create problems when we try to help or understand a loved one.
Be informed/armed with accurate information. Recognize that you may have
little control
over the problem. Control what you can and leave the rest to logical consequences.
out more about this with a treatment professional.

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